Meet the Family

“Spiritually it is nice to work here because you’re surrounded by God, the Little Sisters, and the Residents as well. I enjoy waking up to go to work because you know you’re coming to a peaceful place to help people. I don’t dread coming here at all; instead I like to see what I can accomplish”

-Stan Sader, Housekeeping Supervisor

“This place isn’t just beautiful; it’s full of love. They treat us like family. The Little Sisters are like our mothers. I am very blessed to be here. It’s a dream come true. It’s the right place for me to prepare for the journey home because we have everything we spiritually need. Not just that, but they keep us healthy. I am stronger now than I was when I was by myself. It’s more than I ever expected. I’m ecstatic about the whole place!”

-Teresita Endencia, Resident

“I enjoy working with the Residents to make them happy through fun activities, parties, and socials.  We celebrate every holiday and anything that we can create to make a party.  St. Jeanne Jugan said to make the elderly happy, and that is my goal.”

-Cindy DeLuca, Activities Director 

"For us, as we aged into the twilight of our lives married over 60 years, we were facing illness, depletion of our resources, and the loss of our home. What do we do; where do we go? We learned of the Little Sisters of the Poor and we placed ourselves in their hands, loving hands, and we found the answer. Here in the beautiful environment provided by these dedicated sacrificial women, we have found peace, happiness and security. We are cared for with joy, smiles and a sense of honor by the Sisters, their staff and unselfish, friendly volunteers. The Beatitudes come to life here… “When I was sick…Homeless…you took me in.” This is our home now."

-Ellarita and Jack Wolfe, Residents


"I chose to work at St. Joseph’s Home because I wanted to work in a solid Catholic environment. I also wanted to work in a joyful welcoming community because I love serving others to the best of my ability. There’s nothing like helping the Residents here – they’re awesome!"

- Catherine Plishka, Receptionist


"As the Director of Human Resources, I have a fulfilling and wonderful opportunity to assist the Sisters in their mission of caring for the elderly. It is such a privilege and a joy to be able to bring people with the same dedication to work at our Home. I feel truly blessed to be associated with the Residents of St. Joseph’s Home and the Little Sisters of the Poor."

- Joan Peterka, Director of Human Resources


“We are intended to grow and learn throughout our lives. We are designed to be a better person at the end of our life than at the beginning. Although dementia and other aged-related infirmities may ravage our bodies and our minds, none of these forces can reach our spirit. Individuals with dementia are very human, because their spirits are unaffected by the disease process. Our job is to understand that elders are people of worth, of value and of spiritual potential.”

-Dr. Roger Weise, MD Geriatric Medicine